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Raw Ethiopian Opal Bar Necklace


Beautiful truly raw Opal (not polished) pieces will be made into a simple elegant bar pendent and strung on a dainty sterling silver or 14K gold chain. Please view in bright light as they have been pictured in a natural bright light. Since they are raw the stones do contain imperfections that makes the necklace so unique. These opals come in an array of colors and no two necklaces will be alike.

This raw Opal necklace is made to order and will look similar to the necklace featured. Each raw Opal stone is completely unique and will display the colors that only Opal has to offer.

Perfect piece for any Opal jewelry lover or anyone who loves this October Birthstone.

Each pendant contains Aprox 8-10 chips and will be about 1" long. You chose the length at checkout. I suggest wearing this style high up on the chest. Also the prefect layering necklace :)

The Opal is one of the most beautiful stones to see 💙