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Catching Wildflowers

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Crystal Necklace - January Birthday Gift - February Birthday Gift - Zodiac Gift - Crystal Healing


Stones are 4-5mm 

 Aquarius  zodiacac necklace - January 20- February 18

Made to order
This unique Aquarius zodiac sign necklace features natural genuine crystals

Amethyst - This stone helps you get in touch with your third eye and intuition it helps to reduce stress and gives one patience

Aquamarine- this stone helps with an over thinking mind it’s also good for the throat and heart chakras and will help with better communication

Moonstone This stone helps you get back in touch with yourself and your emotions it also helps with emotional balance

Emerald - This stone is good for inspiration motivation and creativity it helps to improve your intuition calms your emotions and helps with patience and love

Lepidolite - This stone helps you to get out of your own head - take downtime and relax




Please expect variations in the crystals in your finished piece :)

This necklace combination is an original design of catching wildflowers who studied the crystals and the signs and put together the best combination.

Please select length and metal from the drop down menu.