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Our Story

Catching Wildflowers Jewelry started in June of 2013, 7 months after our first daughter Harper was born. I was in school to become a nurse and did not want to leave her. I set out for a journey creating with my hands and went back to my childhood passions and roots of creating jewelry using some of the most beautiful crystals and stones. As a child I loved watching my grandmother paint. She worked at a craft store and would paint plaster statues for her customers. Growing up I was always creating. In our store you will find one of a kind handcrafted pieces made with love and intention. We use only the best materials we can find and source from only reliable trustworthy individuals whom we have been using over the years. We even design stone shapes and drill some of our own stones. Our pieces are as unique as you and can be worn as a form of self expression to show the world a little more about who you are. Are you delicate or bold, raw or smooth, a simple statement to show a little of your personality. Gifting Jewelry also lets one know how you feel about them. Gifting a one of a kind handmade piece shows how much you love and care for someone, through gifting their favorite stone, a symbolic color or a healing need. Our pieces are also meant to be worn for the spiritually healing abilities they can provide.