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Catching Wildflowers

Cancer Zodiac Sign Crystal Necklace - June Birthday Gift - July Birthday Gift - Zodiac Gift - Crystal Healing


Stones are 4-5 mm please don’t base pictures for scale reference.

Made to order
This beautiful cancer ♋️ zodiac sign necklace features natural genuine crystals

Moonstone - cancers are connected to the energy of the moon and water this helps amplifies intuitions and soothes the emotional state

Ruby - grounding for the cancer sign, nurturing energy representing passion and strength.

Rose Quartz - matches the caring sign of the cancer sign - gentle energy

Carnelian - helps with being creative balancing and grounding

Citrine - boosts self confidence and joy

Emerald - best crystal for a cancer brings hope and helps balance emotions. Cancers are emotional!

Please expect variations in the crystals in your finished piece :)

This necklace combination is an original design of catching wildflowers who studied the crystals and the signs and put together the best combination.

Please select length and metal from the drop down menu.