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Catching Wildflowers

Gemini Zodiac Sign Necklace Astrology jewelry


Stones are 4-5 mm please don’t base pictures for scale reference.

Gemini - May 21- June 21

Made to order
This beautiful Gemini ♊️ zodiac sign necklace features natural genuine crystals

Clear quartz - clear quartz is a power stone that will help assist in your soul‘s purpose quartz helps to dissolve blockages and restore your energy - assists with higher consciousness what your true purpose is and positive energy

Aquamarine- this stone helps with an overactive mind it’s also good for the throat and heart chakras and will help with better communication Since sometimes Geminis are misunderstood

Citrine- feel radiant and positive attract all the right people citrine is also a great stone for good luck

Emerald - The stone has Earth energy and will help maintain patience since Capricorns are known for being very serious determined no matter what it takes

Moonstone- Moonstone will help you connect with your softer side it helps to balance your emotions and trust your intuition

Tigers eye- Tigers eye brings balance and it will help to improve determination and perseverance reduces stubbornness and helps you to get along with others


Please expect variations in the crystals in your finished piece :)

This necklace combination is an original design of catching wildflowers who studied the crystals and the signs and put together the best combination.

Please select length and metal from the drop down menu.